Registration code for System Care Antivirus



System Care Antivirus took over my computer after updating java on my computer. I never thought that the java update is a front for this malware. Now that it is inside my computer, I cannot use it normally. Each time I want to access files, System Care Antivirus will give a warning saying that the file is infected with virus.

I know that this rogue software is not so easy to remove. I have been infected with this kind of virus before and I remember that I have to activate the fake anti-virus in order to remove it successfully from the PC. This is the reason why I am seeking for System Care Antivirus registration code or serial key.

I am not dumb to buy this program. All I want to do is remove it from my computer after acquiring the code. Once active, I can use my anti-malware tool to delete remaining files and registry entries.

Please help me.

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