PUP.Datamngr Removal



Malwarebytes program keeps on finding a virus called PUP.Datamngr. I always set it to remove whatever is identified as threat, but after running another scan, it always detects PUP.Datamngr. I need to remove this virus using another tool or even manual method, but I want to make sure that no other important files will get affected.

I already scan my PC with other tools like SuperAntispyware and HijackThis. Both found distinct adware separately. The programs have removed whatever identified but it doesn’t help in getting rid of PUP.Datamngr. Even without scanning, MBAM keeps on showing an alert about PUP.Datamngr.

So far the effect of this virus is purely on Google Chrome and Firefox. I see toolbars that I didn’t install and home page keeps on redirecting to unknown search. No matter how I modify the settings, the adware has locked it and there is no way I can save changes I have made.

Please tell me what to do.

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