Pop-up uwavou.com redirect



My computer is suffering from uwavou.com pop-up virus. This thing will appear when I am doing a search on Google. Pop-up blocker and other security settings are enabled on my browser but uwavou.com keeps on showing and redirecting my pages. I have contacted site owner for removal instructions but they did not respond. I never installed any kind of adware to have this uwavou.com redirect virus as an added program. Though, I must admit that I have visited an adult web site and tries to download some images. I received a notification which I clicked that may have downloaded and installed a virus causing my browser to be redirected to uwavou.com.

Please extend help for my problem. I really need to get out the hijacker on my browser. As of now, I only used Firefox and I don’t have plans of using much security-weak programs like Internet Explorer of Google Chrome.


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