PC is locked by BSA virus



My computer is locked by BSA (Business Software Alliance) since yesterday. I cannot access my programs, especially antivirus. How am I supposed to scan my computer when BSA virus does not allow me to use the PC even in safe mode. In fact, when I start Windows in safe mode, the computer will hang after the logo appears. Pressing ctrl+alt+del is not working and only the reset button can reboot it.

This BSA (Business Software Alliance) virus may have come from a program I downloaded yesterday. I was watching a video then suddenly a pop-up appears asking me to install the player. After that, my computer restart on its own and once it log on to Windows, I saw the BSA warning like this:

“Your personal computer has been notices in viewing, storing and using of forbidden and pirated software, audio, and video content.
Now your PC is locked by Business Software Alliance trade group and Information Resources Management Association.”

What can I do now? I need help regarding this virus.

Thanks and God Bless

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