Other ways to remove Windows Private Shield



Hi, my computer was infected with Windows Private Shield virus. My antivirus is not working anymore and some of my files are missing. Also, I cannot run any programs because Windows Private Shield hides my shortcuts also. I can see that my antivirus program is also deactivated; icon is no longer on my system tray.

My first contact with this malware was about two days ago when my cousin used my laptop. I suspect he downloads something from the Internet. He was a game addict. At first, my computer is not cooperating when I am browsing the web. It tends to redirect to other pages. Next time I open my PC, Windows Private Shield is scanning my whole system with a virus. It founds many Trojans and viruses. I will not buy this trick though because I know it is rogue and I am clearly infected. Aside from doing an online scan, are there any tools that can catch the malware for sure? Please tell me.


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