OS_Merge[3].JS virus



I need help, quick. My antivirus just alerted me of OS_Merge[3].JS virus. This is quite a new one because I can’t seem to find any topic on security forums. I did search the Internet but could not see information about OS Merge[3].JS. Aside from that, I also notice other variants from log files such as OS Merge[1].JS, OS Merge[2].JS, and OS Merge[1].TXT.

To give you an idea, I was browsing the net and arrived at a business portal web site when my antivirus pop-ups this alert. It says that my computer is infected with OS_Merge[3].JS. It put into the isolated (chest) and advises a restarts of Windows. However, after restarting and going online again, the same warning appears.

I just don’t know what to do know. It may be inside my computer and my antivirus is not capable of removing it. Please tell me how to remove OS_Merge[3].JS virus from my PC.

Thanks a lot.

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