Remove Mr Guddu

Mr. Guddu virus has infected my computer. I guess it entered my PC when I used an infected USB drives. Since infection, I noticed a folder called Mr. Guddu.txt. My e-mail is also sending message frequently without any execution. It sends on itself. Sometimes, I will just receive messages from a recipient that the message I sent has a virus.


5 Responses

  1. freaker says:

    Can you give us exact type of infection. Aside from text file, are there any other files found infected by antivirus programs? Have your tried scanning your system with various online scanner?

  2. Badsha says:

    I have same problem. I have lost my all documents by mr. guddu. Please give me a solution onhow can I retrieve my all data.

  3. Mohammad Washeef says:

    I’m in a deep trouble. I have lost my all documents by mr. guddu. What can I do now? Please note me , ‘How can I regain my documents and files.

  4. Yes I have got solution says:

    please format all the drive. then it will remove.