Metropolitan British Police Ukash Scam Virus


Bill Hannah

A fake “Metropolitan British Police” virus has entered my computer and it is asking me to pay the fine. This virus blocks my access to the computer. My entire computer is locked by a message claiming to be from PCeU, Cheshire Constabulary, and SOCA. I believed that this is a virus and none of the agencies involved with it.

I accidentally downloaded a fake Java Update and that leads me to this Metropolitan British Police virus. This is a long time scam that no other virus makers can stop. My PC is protected with AVG and PC Tools, but neither was able to detect the incoming Metropolitan British Police virus attack.

Trying to boot Windows in safe mode that others suggested provides no help. Even in Safe Mode, the virus persists. I am losing hope because I know that I can only run various scan if Windows will boot-up properly in Safe Mode.

I really don’t know what to do as of this moment. I need help from the experts here. Please help me unblock my computer and take out this Metropolitan British Police virus.

Bill Hannah

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