MBL Block Off – Decrypt Protect Virus



Hi, my computer catches a virus that totally locks the desktop. I cannot access my files or run any program on the PC. I am receiving MBL Block Off, which is from Decrypt Protect. I believed that this is another ransom malware that wants me to pay certain amount in order to unblock the computer. Just as any ransom program, Decrypt Protect virus demands that payment should be made via MoneyPak or Paysafecard.

I noticed that this virus came into my computer after my brother downloaded and installed a security update for Java. It could have been a fake update and instead, installed Decrypt Protect virus on our system.

Restarting Windows in safe mode is not doable. Maybe, the virus has disabled that function. So, there is no way for me to bypass the malware and scan the PC. What other suggestions would you recommend aside from restoring Windows to previous restore point? I will carry on with the system restore later. However, I prefer easy removal first because there have been a lot of changes since I last saved a restore point. I don’t want to lose it.

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