Is Coin Generation a Virus, or safe?



I was so foolish to download Coin Generation right away without checking its status and user’s feedback first. The thing started when I’ve got a link from Facebook about this program. When I visited their website on, I was amazed of the opportunity written on the home page.

“Earn Money Using Your PC!
After signing up, you install a program that runs in the background of your computer. You earn $1/day per thread and have the option of buying more threads or referring people to increase income. This is literally the easiest money you will ever make. Daily Payouts!”

I downloaded the program and it instantly made awful changes on the computer. This gives me the impression that the file downloaded from has a virus. It causes my screen to go blank as if the system is in ‘sleep’ mode. When I press power button to awake it, Windows is showing a fatal error then it can start working again. I brought it to the store where I bought the computer and the technician set it to factory settings. When I got home, everything is working fine. However, when I begin to install additional program, the computer freezes and screen goes blank again.

The fatal error still persists. Is it really Coin Generation that causes this abnormalities, or is it a safe program to use?

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