Internet Security 2014 and amasecure.exe virus



While using Mozilla Firefox while browsing the web and searching for something is blocked by a sudden appearance of a virus. The browser closes and a program called Internet Security 2014 suddenly launches and started running a scan on my computer. There are several infected files according to the scan. Searching the net gives me an idea that Internet Security 2014 is rogue. It is a fake anti-virus software made to scam victims.

Later on Microsoft Security Essentials pop-ups saying that virus called amasecure.exe were blocked. It turned out to be that amasecure.exe and Internet Security 2014 is just one virus affecting my computer. Searching the PC for amasecure.exe file gives zero result. I even looked under Profiles and System folder of Windows for this file but ended up empty.

Please give me exact instructions to remove amasecure.exe and Internet Security 2014 from my computer. Running malwarebytes program finds several Trojans but it is not enough to remove the other viruses on the computer.

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