Infected with Delta Search virus


Wolfgang Heins

My computer is Windows 7 and using browser Google Chrome. Just recently, I downloaded a program called FLV player or similar. I can’t remember the name because I already uninstalled it. Anyway, what comes with that program is a Delta Search malware. It redirects my home page to Before, my home page is set to Google.

I know that Delta Search comes with the player I have acquired. I see that the software prompts me during installation, if I want to install the search. I leave the options into default. Thus, I guess is the reason why I have now the unknown search box on my browser.

Anyway, I know that I have committed a mistake of letting the adware installed on my computer. It’s too late to know that Delta Search is a miserable program. I cannot get it out of my computer after I have deleted programs that I know are linked with it. What other steps should you recommend to stop my browser from using as default search engine?

Hoping for quick response.

Wolfgang Heins

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