I have this Bubble Dock virus that I can’t remove



Is Bubble Dock harmful? How can I remove it from my computer? Ads and videos keeps on showing on the desktop. There are also icons and unwanted thing on the PC that just appears one day. My computer is running on Windows 7 and looking at the add/remove programs, there is Bubble Dock presence but there is no way to remove it.

I’ve got this problem after downloading a multimedia player, its fake I supposed and was spread to distribute Bubble Dock. After installing the said program, I noticed that hard drive led keeps on blinking for about half an hour. It could be the time that Bubble Dock is getting downloaded and installed.

There are a number of web sites that provides solutions. I find them all dodgy and wanted to sell a security program but in the end, will never get rid of Bubble Dock. I need real solution to this problem and if possible free ones.

I already scanned the computer with ad-aware and superantispyware but both tools never catch Bubble Dock. Some malicious files and registry entries called ‘hijacker’ were removed. Bubble Dock is still bugging my computer up to this point. Please help me.


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