I cant believe i still have this picture – Facebook Virus


Peter Saban

I received a message from a friend on Facebook saying “I cant believe i still have this picture.” I never noticed that the link with it will point me to a malicious website. Upon clicking, web browser opens a blank page and then closes immediately. At that point, I have no idea that a virus is already executed on my computer.

I already open a topic on Facebook forum about “I cant believe i still have this picture” but got no helpful reply. This is the reason why I am posting here on security forums. My Windows Security Essentials always sends an alert about Worm Win32/Dorpiex.A. The problem with the program is it cannot remove the virus.

My friends have told me that my PC keeps on sending the harmful message “I cant believe i still have this picture”. The virus is spreading on my contacts. Please help me clean the computer and stop this virus from sending a message.

Peter Saban

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