How to Uninstall “Solid Savings”



A virus called Solid Savings keeps on showing on my browser every time I surf the net. I just observe that this threat will exhibit ads when I am on shopping sites like Amazon, Bestbuy, Ebay, and so on. While browsing ordinary site, Solid Savings pop-up ads remains hidden. I guess it has a monitoring component to watch me while surfing the web. That is what I fear most. It simply means that maker of Solid Savings may steal some information from my system.

This thing appears when I downloaded an FLV player. I never notice of it getting installed on the computer. Moreover, I never allow it to be loaded in the first place. After some readings from various security web sites, I realize that it comes with the player I have installed on the PC. So, I immediately uninstall the player. That method didn’t work because Solid Savings pop-up ads still appears on the computer. Running a virus scan shows no presence of any malicious files. What else can I do to remove Solid Savings?


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