How to remove Trovi virus



Trovi virus has sneaked into my computer last night. It replaces my Google search to page. When I open Internet Explorer, first thing to appear on the screen is the default page, then after a few seconds it will get redirected to Trovi web site.

I believe the attack started when I downloaded a supposed VLC player. It was required when I am viewing online movies. Before I installed it, I have run an antivirus scan and no threat was found on the file. After installation, I just noticed that many things were added on the browser including Trovi search and Trovi toolbar.

Please tell me how I can remove Trovi virus from my PC. It has taken control of my browsers. I have tried various scans but none of them was efficient in removing the virus. So far, all I have tried are Superantispyware, Adaware, and my local AVG antivirus.

Aside from scanning, I have restored the browser to its default settings as stated in instructions from some web sites; again, I have no success in removing Trovi virus.

Please tell me to get this thing off permanently.

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