How to remove Smart PC Cleaner



Pop-ups from Smart PC Cleaner is all over my computer. I can’t imagine how this bogus program entered my PC. Antivirus program is installed and I can see that it is doing real-time scanning whenever I download a file. Some programs may have installed this Smart PC Cleaner virus on my PC without taking my permission. If that’s the case, I have a lousy antivirus program.

The last program I know that is permitted to reach my computer is Codec, but I have removed it after several days because of errors appearing on the system. My problem now is Smart PC Cleaner. I don’t know how to remove it. The software do not appear in the add/remove programs so there is no other way to remove it instantly. I tried deleting the complete folder but it just reinstalls on its own.

Please help me uninstall Smart PC Cleaner completely. If it is a virus or some kind of fake antivirus, kindly share a refutable tool to delete it from the system.


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