How to remove Searchfly virus?



An unwanted program was installed on my computer. It is called Searchfly. It affects browsers on my computer like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. I am now download Safari and hoping that I can use this one without getting affected by Searchfly virus.

The main obstruction by Searchfly is the insertion of banner ads on my Google Search. I can see advertisements below Google and Bing search box. It was not there before so I knew this is a new thing.

I navigate Windows control panel and found the Searchfly program. I remove it and I thought that was the only thing needed to delete the malware from my PC, but I was wrong. Searchfly still exists on all my Internet browsers. Looking at the browser add-on, I never found anything relevant to this malware.

Searching the web for “remove searchfly” shows many results that claims to remove the thing, but it will can only be accomplished by buying the registered version. In short, web sites that offers Anvisoft, Spyhunter, PCTools, and Hitman pro is not helpful at all.

On this forum, I just hope that good-hearted people can give me really free solution to remove Searchfly. I will be waiting to response.


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