How to remove Search Deals by Injekt



Recently, I noticed that when I am searching anything on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, a thing called Search Deals by Injekt displays on top of the results. At first, it was just a link that does not bother me that much so I just let it there. However, observe that it must be connecting to some web site and have upgraded itself. My antivirus program detects malicious traffics that I just ignored.

Now, Search Deals by Injekt is a huge advertisement on the browser. It is very annoying that it sometimes covers half of the screen. I do not need Search Deals by Injekt especially that I can see all ads displayed are irrelevant to the search terms. It is simply a very bothering program that every user will wanted to get rid of.

Please advice on the proper way of removing this adware on my computer. My scan with antivirus program finds no result. Probably Search Deals by Injekt is not a virus, but the way it manipulates my PC is more than a virus infection, for me at least.

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