How to Remove Savings Sidekick virus



Savings Sidekick appears on my computer when I am buying books from amazon. I am completely empty on how this Savings Sidekick virus came into my computer. I have anti-virus installed and firewall is turned on.

If you will come across this malware, you will be pissed off just like me. I feel very uneasy while purchasing online due to this Savings Sidekick. I have read in some articles that browser add-ons or plug-ins like this one can steal data from my computer. It will grab my credit card account and record my user name and passwords.

It is scary having Savings Sidekick virus from the computer but I don’t know how can I remove it. I tried add/remove program but couldn’t see any entries with the same title. If that is the case, how can I remove Savings Sidekick from my browser as well as Windows. Please help me on this matter.

Many thanks.
Nathan Gilt

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