How to remove “reportlady” virus



Last night, something just pop-up on my computer and it was “reportlady” virus. It just vanished after a few minutes and was not seen ever since. Although it may not be active as of this time, the effect it has done on the computer is severe. “reportlady” virus causes the computer to slow-down, perhaps it is using large amount of system memory in the background.
Internet browsing is also affected. It took a while before I can open any web page. There are times that connection terminates and unable to load a web page. I have search the Internet for this “reportlady” computer virus but only found one unanswered post. Seeking help from various security vendors need to shell-out some money before they can provide help in removing “reportlady”.

Anyone here having the same issue such as mine, please share your experiences on this nasty malware. I need to remove this virus from the computer because I use it on my work. With the current state, it is completely useless.

I will be waiting for your kind help.

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