How to Remove “PC Health Labs” virus



I was tricked to download a fake Adobe Flash Player and now my computer is suffering from a bunch of adware. It has taken control of my browser and home page keeps on redirecting to unknown web sites. The fake program also brought in another virus called PC Health Labs. This new program keeps on scanning the computer and has used system resources causing system to slow-down.

I have tried to remove PC Health Labs from the Control Panel but when I click on ‘Uninstall’ button, an error message appears saying “This program does not exist.” I thought that the unwanted program is no longer on the computer so I restarted Windows. After log-on, PC Health Labs started to scan the computer right away. It seems that this threat was designed to bypass Window’s uninstall function. It will never be removed unless the PC Health Labs registration key was purchased. It forces user to buy the program otherwise it holds the computer as a hostage.

PC Health Labs presence gives me nothing but headache. It is useless and serves no purpose. To me, this software poses as security threat when installed on the computer. Please help me get rid of PC Health Labs without damaging any files on Windows.


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