How to remove PC Cleaner Pro 2013



My new laptop is running on Windows Vista with the latest version service pack. Yesterday, message pop-ups from my system tray telling me to download the latest service pack. At first I have a doubt, but later on, I was convinced to click on the link and download the update. After the said update, I noticed major changes made on Internet Explorer. I also experience various browser hijacking and redirects. I did scan the computer with adwcleaner and manages to remove all the nasty adware on the laptop.

One problem is left unsolved. I have this PC Cleaner Pro 2013 virus that comes with the adware or it could be that it brought the adware. Anyway, I am having a hard time removing this program from the computer. PC Cleaner Pro 2013 gives me troubles browsing the Internet. I think it is blocking the access. A warning from this program appears saying that site I am trying to open is infected or something. Funny thing is, it shows the same warning even on sites like Google, Bing, etc…

I am trying to remove PC Cleaner Pro 2013 virus but couldn’t find it on Add/Remove programs. There is also no folder on the hard drive. What else can be done to uninstall PC Cleaner Pro 2013 from my computer? Any help will be appreciated.



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