How to remove Ominent Toolbar virus



There is a virus presently bugging my computer and it is called Ominent Toolbar. It was not identified during the scan of superantispyware and avg antivirus. Right now, it sits on my Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. I was able to remove it from Firefox manually by deleting the add-on. On the two affected browsers, there is no extension to be removed.

Ominent Toolbar began attacking my computer after downloading Java Update. I just downloaded a fake one that causes this virus to penetrate the computer. As mentioned, computer is protected with antivirus program but it didn’t act in blocking Ominent Toolbar.

I am not sure if Ominent Toolbar just added itself on the browser without any other purpose. It is worthless and I need to remove it as soon as possible. But the question is how can I uninstall it from the PC?

Later on, I will try system restore and hope that it helps me bring back this computer to virus-free condition. I will update this post as soon as I finished doing other pending works I have.

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