How to remove “Live Security Platinum” with Malwarebytes?



Live Security Platinum virus penetrates my computer while browsing a web page. A pop-up instantly appears telling me that my computer is infected with malware. Then, the virus prompts me to download a remover. I am so damn that I followed all given online instructions without realizing that Live Security Platinum will bring total mess on my computer.

Right after it installed, my system starts to pop-up various warnings. It denies my access to all programs and files. Every attempt I made to run or open files, Live Security Platinum will post a warning saying that the file is infected. As always, it advise for a removal after I have bought the registration key.

I have malwarebytes on my computer and I am sure that it can remove the virus. However, several scans of Malwarebytes doesn’t seem to remove Live Security Platinum. Do I need to do special scans if any just to delete the malware? Can I instantly remove Live Security Platinum with Malwarebytes’ full version?

Hoping to get some answers ASAP.

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