How to remove virus



My Google Chrome browser keeps on redirecting to every time it opens. There are some unwanted programs on the PC which I think are the culprit for this home page hijacking issues. I have successfully uninstalled all the three programs but is still on the home page.

Actually, the virus has affected all three browsers that are installed on the PC. I was able to get rid of the threat from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, so I was left with a problem on Google Chrome. The trick I have done on both browsers seems not to be working. What I just did was reset the browser settings, run some scans, and removed unwanted add-ons.

Right now, I am running separate scans using new tools recommended on some discussion boards. Running almost the entire morning, not even a single threat has found so I guess is here to stay unless someone can provide a real solution to this issue.

Please help me remove virus from my browser. It is bugging me for two days. I can actually use the other clean browsers but I am not comfortable working on a PC that I know is contracted by a virus.


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