How to remove Fast Fix 123 pop-up virus?


Al Ajou

This morning, I download a tool from cnet. Also, I obtained a media player from a site that I already forgot (it was not recorded on my browser’s history). I am not really sure which of the two programs have triggered a virus to appear on my computer. Since the download, I keep on receiving Fast Fix 123 pop-up on my computer. The only way to stop the pop-up is to disconnect the PC from the Internet.

I have some search about Fast Fix 123 and it was known to be a malicious program. Some says it is an online technical support scam. So, I never bothered exploring the program and I wanted to remove this Fast Fix 123 pop-up virus immediately. When browsing the web, I also noticed that Fast Fix 123 is served from a different location. Thus, web blocking software is not adequate to stop the pop-up.

Is there any real solution to get rid of Fast Fix 123 pop-up from my computer? Also, why does my antivirus program didn’t warn me about this threat? Please send me tools to instantly remove the virus and clean my compromised machine.

Al Ajou

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