How to remove Chica Password Manager virus



Hi, this Chica Password Manager virus got installed on my computer upon downloading a player from cnet. Aside from this program, there are other adware that enters my computer without my command. I have removed all other unwanted application including browser redirect, home page hijacker, and pop-up ads. The only thing left me bugging is this Chica Password Manager.

Can I remove Chica Password Manager without the registration key or serial? A friend of mind told me that most rogue programs are not removable unless you upgrade it to full working version. I have gone through add/remove program from Windows Control Panel but it didn’t help at all. Scanning with antivirus program did not solve the issue either.

I really cannot understand why antivirus programs are not detecting Chica Password Manager as a virus or threat. To me this program is as dangerous as virus or malware. It can conquer the PC in an instant without warning.

Please advise me on the quick removal of Chica Password Manager virus from the PC. It annoys me and it is not useful at all.

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