How to remove Celas virus



Hi, a Celas virus locked my computer. It wiped out all my files, particularly My Documents where I keep all important data. This infection occurs after I watched a video sent to my facebook account. I never watched the whole movie though, because this celas virus already taken my whole screen and locked my access. I cannot even close the screen itself. The virus shows a warning similar to other ransom program. It has messages something like this:

Access to your computer was denied.
Illegally downloaded music tracks [in other words, ”pirated copies”] have been detected at your PC.”

Celas wanted me to pay for a code, which costs 50 Euros. One thing I am sure of is that I don’t have pirated software. I never downloaded any music files as stated in the warning. That confirms that celas is another ransom program.

Please help me remove this virus. Also, is there a way I can recover all missing files? Thanks a lot.

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