How to remove Caribarena virus


Michael Tob

Please tell me how to remove Caribarena virus from my computer. I have many important files and confidential data in my hard drive and this Caribarena ransomware doesn’t allow me to access them anymore.

This attack started after I have downloaded a program mobilenewsreader from, but instead of having the program, it asked me to update my Flash player. I just noticed that it was a fake update because right after installing the file, my computer got locked by Caribarena virus.

Desktop is locked with a message asking me to pay ransom. If I will not pay, the computer will be locked by Caribarena malware forever. I don’t know what to do now. I don’t have money to pay for this ransomware. All I wanted is to remove this virus from my computer and bring back my access to files and programs.

Since the computer is locked, I cannot run any virus or malware scan. My PC is protected with AVG and it didn’t do anything to stop Caribarena from attacking the computer. I really need help on this issue.

Michael Tob

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