How to remove Cairo Search virus



This morning, I update my Mozilla Firefox to the latest version. Suddenly, I noticed that something strange is happening. There is this black circle that belongs to Cairo Search on the address bar. I never download nor installed this bogus application, so how does it become part of the browser?

So far, I am doing some fixing on the computer to remove the Cairo Search virus. Running a couple of virus scan shows no threat on my system. Next thing I did was to scan the computer with Malwarebytes Anti-malware. It found a couple of adware but I don’t believe they are part of the Cairo Search.

One thing I noticed since this search invaded my computer is diminishing system performance. My computer is very slow especially during boot-up. Also, Internet responds slowly since I have the Cairo Search on my browser. I don’t know if the strange cursor movement has something to do with this virus infection. Cursor jumps when I moved the mouse so it is harder to see when in motion.

I find no luck for Cairo Search removal after searching the Internet for hours. Please help me remove this unwanted program from my browser and address bar.

Dav D.P.

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