How to remove pop-up



My computer sometimes gets redirected to a mentioned web site. But most of the time I am receiving a pop-up from It shows a box containing message “PC Performance is Poor,” “Like Asian Women” and so on. The first time it appears on my computer, I can clearly confirm that it is a virus activity. With that idea, there is no way that I will click any of the links and button from pop-up.

Looking at the whole URL of this virus, it seems that it is somehow linked to xtendmedia. Maybe this is the reason why I keep on getting advertisements from Whatever the purpose of this virus is one thing that is not within my interest. All I want to do now is just to remove pop-up and redirect ads from…

Please tell me all are the best tools to get rid of this threat. I already run several tools like superantispyware, malwarebytes, and Norton eraser. As much as I want to return my Windows to previous settings, I have no saved restore point to run Windows system restore. Please tell me all possibilities to get rid of pop-up.

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