How to Remove BitGuard Virus



A program called BitGuard suddenly appears on my computer. I have no idea where it came from so I suspect this is some kind of a computer virus that enters my computer upon visiting several web sites lately. While searching for drivers, I was diverted into a web site where my antivirus displays an alert. I just ignore it, thinking that the security program can take charge of protecting the computer.

Other things I am suspecting are programs that I have downloaded. A player from Netflix was installed on my PC before this BitGuard virus starts to show. Also, adblocker was loaded into my Firefox the same day that is registered by BitGuard. I know that these files are clean and legitimate. I just wonder if I have downloaded an illegal copy with BitGuard embedded into it.

I have tried deleting the file C:\ProgramData\BitGuard\BitGuard.exe but it will come back when Windows restarts. There must be something, probably a Trojan that loads it during start-up. Task manager is not helpful either in ending the BitGuard virus processes. The process BitGuard.exe alone eats up 75% of my computer resources and probably the main reason why I am experiencing sluggish in PC operation.

I have searched the web about BitGuard removal but found no useful solution. Probably, this post might help me find the way to uninstall BitGuard virus from my infected computer.

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