How to remove BitCrypt ransom virus



Please help me; my computer is being attacked by BitCrypt ransom virus. I think, this is brand new or most recent ransomware because it is not yet fully discussed on security forums. What BitCrypt does is add extra extension to a file name like mydocs.doc.butcrypt. There is no way to open a file affected by this ransom virus.

On every folder, including root drive, BitCrypt leaves a message via the notepad file bitcrypt.txt. Here is what the message says:

Your BitCrypt ID:
All necessary files on your PC (photos, documents, data bases and other) were encoded with a unique RSA-100. Decoding of your files ins only possible by a special program that is unique for each BitCrypt ID. Specialist from the computer repair services and anti-virus labs won’t be able to help you. In order to receive the program decryptor you need to follow this link…

Remember, the faster you act the more chances to recover your files undamaged.”

Are there any tools or special software that can help me recover files encrypted by this BitCrypt virus? Please suggest what to do as I need to work on some files on my computer.


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