How to remove Appbario 7 Toolbar



A program called Appbario 7 Toolbar manages to sneak into my computer last night. Apparently, I noticed that it was distributed by the notorious Conduit adware. My computer has been compromised with various adware from Conduit, so I know this new case of Appbario 7 Toolbar will be another pain on the PC. It is now set to be the home page of my Internet browser.

It all started after I downloaded a WinRar. I never thought that some code is bundled with it. After the installation, I just noticed an added feature on the browser – Appbario 7 Toolbar. I did so many things to uninstall this virus but to no avail. Removing the culprit program never helped also. Add-ons and plug-ins on the browser shows no signs of Appbario or similar names to Conduit.

Running programs like Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, and Adadware also didn’t provide a solution to get rid of Appbario 7 Toolbar. With my antivirus program currently disabled and scan from various security tools didn’t deliver, what else should I do? Any recommendations for free program that can instantly remove this adware will be a big help for me.

System on my computer is Windows 7 Premium. Affected browser is only Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox somehow is not disturbed by this virus.

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