How to Remove “Advanced System Protector” virus

I downloaded a program to organize mp3 files on my computer. A program named Advanced System Protector is bundled with it. To make the story short, this software is installed on my computer without getting permission from me. An adware or malware disguises as a tool for Windows. In fact, it states that Advanced System Protector is Windows’ partner.

Now that Advanced System Protector is aggressively taking control of my computer, it’s about time to take action in removing it. I have tried various methods but the virus does not want to leave my PC. Removing the software from control panel only shows an error that the file is not present. How come that Advanced System Protector was installed without proper way of uninstalling it. If that is the case, can someone tell me how to remove this pest from my machine?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. peck1955 says:

    I have the same problem with Advanced System Protector few weeks back. It does have a label under Add/Remove program of Windows but you cannot remove while the program is running. Disabling it is a big question so forget that option. You cannot remove the adware from control panel. What I did was use system restore and returned the PC setup prior to the installation of Advanced System Protector. This will only work if you have a restore point saved on computer.

    Other things you can do are download ‘uninstall’ programs that is offered by many legitimate developers. Also, do not forget to scan the computer with anti-malware and anti-virus program to make sure that it is free from viruses.

  2. jason cooper says:

    how can I remove advance system restorer from my pc thanks

  3. Mog says:

    none of these so called removal programs work. Most are just other viruses, some (mainly claiming to be from microsoft) demand that you fill in large forms with lots of personal data – very suspicious.

    Solution: 1. Save your data somewhere else. 2. Re-Format your hard disc. 3. Run a scrubber program (just to be sure). 4. Completely re-install Windows (or better Linux) and all your software.

  4. Kit says:

    My lower right tray showed APS; right click and “exit.” Go to Control Panel. If no longer visible (likely because an attempt to uninstall was previously done), then go to the Programs file and run APS’s own uninstaller, something like 000uninstall. Seems to have just worked for me; and removed all its files from Program Files.

  5. Kit says:

    Of course, my above comment meant to read ASP … jeez.

  6. topojani says:

    I have problem with this virus. How to remove from my PC?

  7. P.satay says:

    There is an un-install function in Start-All Programmes [Win7], just did it, successful I think- (icon is now missing fr bottom right of task bar) n was also referred to their “please stay” website.

  8. Vane D. Lopez says:

    ctrl+shift+esc Will bring up the Windows Task Manager, then go to Processes and locate the program and and click End Process on the bottom, then try to uninstall it again from the Control Panel or locate the program by searching for it and delete all the files associated in the folder where its located then make sure you also remove it from the Recycle Bin.

    Note: If that doesn’t work try to uninstall the program by starting your computer in Safe Mode w/Networking by pressing F8 several times upon starting your computer, then select Safe Mode w/Networking this should allow you to uninstall it in the control panel with no problems because certain programs cannot run in Safe Mode

  9. mercy rocio haro says:

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  10. sue says:

    1. Advance system protector is beyond evil. It has taken over my uncles computer. The keyboard is frozen.
    The mouse doesn’t work. He called the scam company and they wanted 100 a month to take it off. They
    need to be reported to the FBI–isn’t this extortion?

  11. zombie says:

    I got rid of it thanx to Van D. Lopez, Cunt of a virus

  12. Thore Hult says:

    Advanced System Protector is a virus-program, not problem.
    You can take a better virus-program “Comodo” is very good.
    If you have many virus-program in your computer is not good

  13. Thore Hult says:

    Advanced System Protector is a virus-program, not problem.
    You can take a better virus-program “Comodo” is very good.
    If you have many virus-program in your computer is not good

  14. Narendra Meena says:

    Advanced system protector can easily uninstall from pc by taking system in sofe mode and then install total uninstaller pro and go to force uninstall browse and choose the icon of advanced system protector on desktop and click uninstall and it will uinstall that fake software and restart your computer.

  15. Systweak says:

    I really apologize for the inconvenience that you had to face. Advanced System Protector certainly is not a virus, it is absolutely a very safe anti-malware utility which effectively removes malware infections present on your PC and also provides protection shields against malware threats.
    Advanced System Protector is completely virus free tool and you can upload and test it yourself on sites like for your satisfaction.
    Can you possibly submit the exact problems, screenshots and scan log at
    We look forward to assisting you.
    Systweak Software

  16. Paul says:


    If your program is so legitimate, why do you use a hijacker to prevent the downloads of other anti-virus software and registry cleaning programs?
    I have spent literally HOURS and HOURS attempting to uninstall your supposedly “legitimate” software.
    You should go to some PC jail somewhere as restitution for the hours of aggravation you cause the general public.
    I would gladly serve as the prosecuting attorney!!!
    Get a life and clean up your act.

  17. Kevin says:

    To get rid of this program – open task manager> right click on file> open file location> look for their uninstaller.
    Then I would use Ccleaner and clean the registry. Done

  18. Ian says:

    Just found it on my computer, second security program that has installed since I put ooVoo on a week ago. Bye bye, ooVoo.

    Wouldn’t uninstall as message advised ‘is uninstalling or running’. Closed the process in task manager, still no joy. Then I closed all programs I had running and it uninstalled.

  19. Susan0150 says:

    vane d lopez—you ROCK!!!! your instructions worked like a charm.

  20. 54-Yelnats says:

    Thor Hult, ASP is a Malware program, not a legitimate program for removing viruses at all.
    Uninstalling in safe mode with networking should work as vane d lopez suggested.
    I have been using Windows computers for over 15 years and never had any unintentionally installed software.
    I use BitDefender Internet Security (and MalwaryBytes if needed.)
    When installing freeware, shareware etc, READ EVERY MESSAGE that pops up BEFORE clicking next and you will have less problems.

  21. martin says:

    how can I remove advance system restorer from my pc

  22. Raju says:

    you can remove it by booting in safe mode

  23. hpesoj says:

    i use avast av and malwarebyte combo. I think my 2nd young sis accidently install something resulting snapdo hijacking my browser, later the advanced system protector and regcleaner pro also appear and both of them begin to scan with intent to remove malwarebyte. this is how I do: I open task manager to kill their process and ran the malwarebyte to do the job in quick scan to finish it off

  24. David says:

    try using a program called ‘Revo Uninstaller’, I use it and it uninstalls anything! after you use Revo Uninstaller you won`t see a single thing about the program/virus on your computer!

  25. David says:

    I agree with you, Mog.

  26. angela garcia says:

    My mom has this virus in her computer, Advanced system protector, how can she delete it? it cries, laughs and talks. it is haunted.

  27. kate says:

    Start in Safe Mode and go to windows explorer – click on local disk (c:), and delete “bad” files from here. Advanced system protector will not let you “uninstall”. if you click on link to, “no, i really want to uninstall” – a virus will invade computer. ASP is evil

  28. Richard Enderle says:

    I had a similar proble when it came to removing Mcafee I tried everything I could with no luck. Finally called Mcafee and within 5 minutes they asked me a few questions and they succesfully removed their program from my computer. Don’t know if this will help.