How to remove “Ads by CM Movies” virus


Al Jamal

I’ve been searching for two days now on how to properly remove “Ads by CM Movies” virus from my computer. This thing struck my PC when I downloaded and installed a video player that I thought will give me free online access to new movies. Instead of getting access to my favorite films, what I got was a malware that keeps on showing “Ads by CM Movies”.

There are already some scans I have run on the PC but none of them resolve the problem. Dealing with “Ads by CM Movies” virus is not that easy. In fact, some anti-virus programs I have tried didn’t flag the adware. It can bypass most of the security scan.

Right now, all my browsers are affected with “Ads by CM Movies”. I keep on redirecting to various web sites which are unfamiliar. Perhaps, this is a tactic used by malware authors to promote their products. I have also noticed one program on the computer. Optimizer Pro was installed without my consent. It is present on Add/Remove programs but whenever I try to uninstall it, Windows is displaying certain errors.

Please advise me how to remove “Ads by CM Movies” from the computer.

Al Jamal

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