How to get refund of money – Spammed by Malware?

Back on April 18, 2011 I was spammed by a “security” called XP Home Security 2011 and was not able to get out of my computer unless I paid for and downloaded the software. The next day I received email from comcast saying that “Spam & Virus Firewall” was a misleading security application that is commonly spread by means of a Trojan, etc, etc, etc. Of course now the charge shows up on my credit card and I am neither able to contact the website that shows up on my credit card bill not am I able to find a phone number for such company…..I am assuming that is because they don’t exist. Am I just stuck with the charge?

2 Responses

  1. jacob says:

    if you find anything out about this would you please let me know because im stuck in the same boat as yhou are. bough a virus apparently and cant figure out how to get in touch with anyone or getting a refund.

  2. Rachel says:

    This just happened to me recently and fortunaly I was able to have a close computer friend remove the program completely. I too cannot find a phone number and my bank will not credit my account until I speak with the virus program people first.