How to Remove “Firewall of the United States” virus



This morning, when I open my computer, I was stunned to see that the desktop has taken up by wallpaper that says “The Firewall of the United States – Computer Blocked”. I know this virus pretends to be from legal agency. It only gives me 72 hours to pay the fine of $200 through GreenDot MoneyPak voucher.

I presume that problem with “Firewall of the United States” virus started when I visited a web site that offers free download. I obtained a game and cracked it by running the attached code. My antivirus detects a virus infection of the file but I just ignore it. I know it is a big mistake on my part. However, there were no signs of infection for the whole day. It just appeared this morning. Maybe “Firewall of the United States” virus requires Windows to reboot to be effective.

Here are some excerpts from the ransom program:

Your computer is blocked due to Americans by the US Government Firewall
Illegally downloaded material (audio, videos or software) has been located on your computer.”

I cannot run a scan at this moment because the Firewall virus is blocking my access to the computer. It is also active in Safe Mode of Windows so there is no way to scan the system from there. Please help me.

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