Help me remove Win32/Redyms.A


Zee Stan

Microsoft Security Essentials detected Win32/Redyms.A on my computer. It was deleted as shown in the screen, but after rebooting Windows, MSE goes on the same process. It seems like I am going on a loop of detect, delete, and reappearance of Win32/Redyms.A.

According to the scan results, this virus can redirect search engine. Well, so far I never observe this issue. The only trouble on my computer right now is the constant detection of Win32/Redyms.A during Windows boot-up.

I may have got this virus from a fake Adobe Flash Player update. I am not 100 percent sure though. There are other programs I have downloaded and installed on the PC before Win32/Redyms.A took over. I have deleted all recently installed programs to make the fix easier, however, it didn’t work. The virus is still on the computer and continues to be a pain each time I run Windows.

Scanning the computer with updated version of MSE didn’t help either. As I have said, it detects and removed Win32/Redyms.A but it just always recur. Please help me get rid of this virus from my computer. My PC maybe not fully infected but the pop-up alerts from MSE is very annoying.

Zee Stan

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