Help me remove Trojan Win64/Sirefef.Y



My computer is infected with Trojan Win64/Sirefef.Y. I believed, this virus is part of the email I opened earlier. Microsoft Security Essentials first detected the threats. Later on, my antivirus also shows alert for the same virus. MSE automatically was able to detect and remove it. However, it requires a reboot to finish the process. MSE will display a message “Trojan Win64/Sirefef.Y Removed: You are about to be logged off.”

The computer restarts on itself. After it loads Windows, the same thing occurs. MSE will detect the Trojan and restart the computer. I am in constant loop. I don’t know what to do to be able to remove Win64/Sirefef.Y completely and stop the restart process.

I have search the net regarding this Trojan and found that this is a common topic on every forums. It seems that this is a widely spread infection. Forums are giving specific solution for each user and I don’t have extra time to submit and analyze my log file.

Please help me. Is there any removal tool for this Trojan? I need to get this computer up and running as soon as possible.

By the way, my computer is Dell N5010, running under Windows 7.


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