Help me remove Social Search Toolbar



A thing called “Social Search” has invaded my Internet browser. It must have been installed on the computer when I downloaded and installed a movie player. What it does is integrated a Social Search! Toolbar on the browser. It seems to me that this program was useful but that impression last when it started to show excessive ads while I am browsing the web.

Social Search Toolbar also controls my search. There were times that links from search results are redirected to unwanted pages. This thing is somehow taking my control over my computer and I will not allow it. As early as possible I would like to remove Social Search Toolbar from the browser, but it won’t let me do it. There is no “Social Search” item on add/remove of control panel. Add-on for this adware is nowhere to be found on the browser. What else to look for?

I have scanned my computer with antivirus program, but it is not helpful. Please give me some pointers on how to remove the Social Search Toolbar from my browser.


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