Help me remove Key-Find virus



For several days now, I am looking for effective ways to remove Key-Find virus. This one enters my PC when I downloaded and installed FLV Player. Now, my home page is hijacked by Each time I open Internet Explorer, it goes directly to the said address. Opening new tabs on Google Chrome also redirects to Key-Find home page. Firefox on my computer is somehow not affected by the virus.

I have scanned the computer with various tools like AdAware Pro, Super AntiSpyware, and other tools from Norton and McAfee. Sadly, no threat linked to Key-Find is found on the said scan. I am certain that my PC is infected but how come scanners didn’t find any traces of virus or malicious programs?

I am currently running online virus scanners and hope that it will find and delete Key-Find virus. Are there any ways to remove Key-Find manually from the computer? Can you suggest additional tools or scanner to completely delete this threat from my computer? It has totally ruined my browsers so Internet browsing is severely affected.

Please help me. Thanks.


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