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Hi. Please help me solve this problem on my computer. This could be a virus. Each time I open Google Chrome, another window will pop-up and seems to be retrieving data from The program just waits for the loading and sometimes, it never loads at all and just keeps the browser inactive.

When using Firefox, the home page loads just fine. However, when I begin to surf the web and open another page, the browser tries to download a Flash Update from No matter what site I tried to visit whether Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, etc… I am getting the same problem.

I never download any file yet from, so I thought that my computer is partly clean. Although, I know that PC is not one hundred percent clean due to this pop-up ads coming from The redirects and some hijacking problem also is another concern.

I have run some scans including AVG, which is presently installed on my computer. After that, I also launch ad-aware. Both scans detect couple of low-level threats and were removed instantly. Then again, virus or malware’s activity still persists on my computer. It won’t go away. Please help me delete this pert from my computer.

By the way, there are times that the pop-up window will try to download data from this URL:

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