Help me remove virus



For around two days now, I keep on receiving a pop-up message whenever I am browsing the web using Firefox. The small pop-up box appears randomly or should I say at an interval of about 3 minutes. I also observe that it will appear each time I clicked on any links on the page. Every time I change pages, will appear. Actually the full message reads:

“The page at says
ReferenceError: json_parse is not defined”

The pop-up appears as I am writing this topic. I have to write it twice because the first one that pop-up appears, it won’t allow me to click on anything on the page. It seems that this virus is randomly blocking access on the pages or web site.

I have run Superantispyware and Spybot programs but neither found any signs of virus, adware, or malware infection. So, up to this time, I am puzzled if this is an infection or bug in Firefox browser. Please help me solve this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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