Giant Savings virus removal



I have the Giant Savings virus after download a program from CNET. I thought it was real because it came from a known source. I did not realize that the software I downloaded would be the culprit for having the Giant Savings on my browser. My web site keeps on redirecting to other sites and search results are having link problem. I mean, the search produces quality result but after I clicked on it, it will display wrong web site.

I did notice the presence of Giant Savings toolbar on top of my browser. To me it is useless, but no matter how I disabled the toolbar, it still returns to its location. After visiting some forums, I’ve got a clue that in order to remove
Giant Savings from the browser, I need to delete the add-ons. Doing so does not fix the problem.

For those are in the same scenario and got rid of Giant Savings virus, please tell me the steps you take to delete this adware.

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