Getting rid of BetterSurf virus



I just would like to warn people about the latest virus BetterSurf. It seems to have infected some servers and manages to embed a code into software updates. I downloaded an official Firefox update last night and this morning when I opened the computer, the browser is flooded with BetterSurf ads, banners, and inline ads.

I scanned the computer with Malwarebytes Anti-malware but it doesn’t show any signs of infection. Neither my own antivirus program picked up nothing but a couple of bad files which I think is not relevant to BetterSurf virus.

After searching the web for a couple of hours, I found out that BetterSurf add-on and extension is also injected into Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Although, I have no idea how this virus infiltrates on those browsers.

As of now, I am still searching the web for a proper way to get rid of BetterSurf virus. If you know one, please send me the link.

Thanks and more power to this web site.

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