foto? :) haha MSN Messenger virus

I keep on getting a pop-up link that says “foto? :) haha” I have tried to scan my computer but my antivirus didn’t catch anything was it that the virus is not on my computer and the message “foto? :) haha” was sent by my contacts?

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  1. MatthewJA says:

    They have the virus, I know what it is. Just make sure that you have adequate scanning (ie, virus protection like Norton or Avast) and a virus scanner (adaware or spybot) and dont click the link

  2. sara says:

    omg.. someone on m contacts sent me that foto haha link. i clicked it. and now evryones telling me that im sending a link 2 them wen am not. also my mouse keeps freezing, and msn convos flash all the time.i think i have the virus. PLEASE.. someone help me to get it offf!!!!!!! desperate needdd of help here.

  3. sinatra11 says:

    1. Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (mbam-setup.exe) and save it on your Desktop.
    2. After downloading, double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
    3. Follow the prompts and install as “default” only
    4. Before the installation completes, check on the following prompts:
    – Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
    – Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
    5. Click “Finish.” Program will run automatically and you will be prompt to update the program before doing a scan. Please update.
    6. Scan your computer thoroughly.
    7. When scanning is finished click on the “Show Results”
    8. Make sure that all detected threats are marked, click on Remove Selected.
    9. Restart your computer.

    Note: Some malware may prevent mbam-setup.exe from downloading and running. You can download and rename this program from a different computer before running it on infected system.

  4. dode says:


  5. MystyFY says:

    Ok ok i had same link on msn, like a plank i clicked link and installed file . . . . . DOH realized it was Malware. After spending 5 hours trying to get SDFix to run on 64 bit Vista and finding out it dont work lol and trying lots of other things i was desperate, however used Malwarebytes and its amazing found like 274 infections !!!! so hopefully pc is sorted !!! will let you all know if anything else is useful, Thanks to sinatra11 cheers mate :)

  6. Lucy says:

    sinatra11 Thank you

  7. thanks says:

    thanks for tips about malware removal

  8. Sweet49 says:

    I downloaded that program showed above and it workks really good it fixxed that dam problm. anyways who invented these malware virus things. lke comeon get a life people.

  9. darkwizzard70 says:

    well it is still scanning.. till now after 10min around 8000 scanned items i have 2 infections

  10. daverboy says:

    I’ve done some scans too, and removing things from the startup list, but there’s one file that keeps coming back. Yukonifu.dll any help with getting rid of it?

  11. kees says:

    Thanks Sinatra11!!! Worked perfect

  12. honzo says:

    ino! i just got 1
    xxx gd luck getting rid of it!

  13. Alex says:

    Thanx, it worked for me!!!

  14. Buzz says:

    The above sollution appears to have worked for me but i did have to run the software in windows safe mode with network support for the updates
    to run windows in safe press f8 on inital system startup and select safe mode with network support
    good luck

  15. Duane says:

    Just picked up this little nasty from a contact I haven’t heard from in ages. Avira anti-virus detected the malware immediately, but to be on the safe side I have restored my System State from a remote backup. I’ve then updated my anti-virus and run a full system scan. Found nothing, so hopefully I’ve nailed it quickly. I have Malwarebytes Anti-malware software, so I’ll keep that in mind if all else fails

  16. erona says:

    foto per msn 2009 2008

  17. linda says:

    shume mir je moj shum e mir je sa e bukur se ti nuk ka ani moj ani se ti e ki zemren e loqkes moj ty te du se ma shum se krejt

  18. cindy says:

    thx so much sinatra11…:] it worked really well o.o

  19. neta says:

    alla nhile linda qka ki shkru palidhje mori beb

  20. lija says:

    volla boll mir weq tii ne koke pak nice aa:P:P kerkuhsi se koke aii

  21. Chelsiee says:

    The Same Thing Happens On My Pc Aswell , Offline People Keep Sending Me Things So I Need Help My Self.:)

  22. Danny Gay says:

    How do I remove the foto virus from my MSN?

  23. zaki says:


  24. your mum says:

    this better work geez i cant use msn if it doesnt -_-

  25. laura says:

    pershendetje , qka po bani apo ju rrihet valla mu hiq veq hina me qu ni sms se keq valla ciaooooooooo

  26. egi daja says:


  27. alma says:

    kisha dasht me i qit do foto per vit 2010 nese ban edhe add-jat me i qit hahah tung klm naga alma

  28. mendi says:

    hah qe alma ku jam ajde mir se vjen te pres me bakllav heh

  29. Akira says:

    Thank you so much

    It’s really working


  30. magman says:

    Thanx mate!!!!

  31. anthony says:

    i have the same prob do i have to unins my anti-virus i have the avira

  32. anthony says:

    over this i cant run the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware :'( plz help

  33. sam says:

    me too, I receive an instant message from one of Alamadavin but I do not know what is the solution
    This is the link

    hahaha foto (malicious link removed)

    sam-sweety ( my e-mail)

  34. Ari says:

    Yeah, that’s a virus, my idiot friend Nathaniel clicked it, and then it got sent to me by the virus, and presumably all his contacts. Luckily my virus scanner DOESNT SUCK like his and there I did not get the virus because it noticed it.Hahahha foto.

  35. Sean says:

    I was dumb enough to click on the link. Now the virus is affecting my system, I have done what Sinatra 11 has said and downloaded the software, it is currently being downloaded. Hopefully it will work… I will update this later to confirm that it works

  36. cimiboy says:

    thenk you sai end delivers

  37. cimiboy says:

    faleminderit shum per fotot e juaja sepse shum te mira

  38. Tashad310 says:

    hey….i had the same exact prob!! it was sooooo annoyin whenevr i went on windows live it wud glitch…..i caught the virus fromsum1 who had the virus…….it signed me off my account automatically every 10 min and it wud send all my contacts a link like that^^ which was actually a virus….when i logged back in all my contaccts wud b like “so shd i go on the link” but i didnt even send it! it was automatically sent from my account… THANX TO sinatra11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SCANNED AND SO FAR FOUND LIKE 11 THREATS!! THNX MAN!!!!!!!!!!(OR WOMAN) ……EITHER WAY U HELPPED!! :)

  39. Tashad310 says:

    THNX AGAIN!!! :)

  40. Tashad310 says:


  41. jetmiri says:

    po mir e paska alma edhe pse nuk pe njo a ma add nuk muj me i qit

  42. weehandydotone says:

    That malwarebytes thing, i thought it was a lot of crap like the usual stuff you get off people but its not! its actually realy good, so thanks sinatra11 because it was really annoying everytime i tried to open a convo to my friends and it never ever worked, well now thats sorted so i would reccomend this to anyone with this problem because realy people its not a virus!

  43. Vilwoo3002 says:

    I had that Haha Foto :D link and then i downloaded the file and BANG, got a virus, My MSN starts closing my MSN windows one by one and sends the message to all my friends that are online.. Doing the thing that sinatra11 told and wich it will work 1 hour 23 minutes scanned.

  44. Vilwoo3002 says:

    Dide the thing that Sinatra 11 told and it worked perfectly, My msn is at normal again. What ever it is i wish i dont get hit by it anymore… But there wasn’t anything else that the mouse freezing, Closin all windows and sending message to everyone, so i didnt lose anything :)

  45. HumanAfterAll says:

    Not sure if it has been mentioned, but give it a look if nothing else works or you cant be bothered with some things, its freeware

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    Download the free version of MalwareBytes or even the full version if you wish, free version can still get rid of things, but is just missing out on a few features

  46. Jack Denley says:

    Thank you so much sinatra 11 the malwarebytes is AMAZING!!!

  47. rhiannon says:

    OMG!! THANKYOU sinatra 11! you really helped me out of a sticky problem CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  48. Jack Denley says:

    does the malwarebytes stay on your computer or do u have 2 pay after one use? :/

  49. chun says:

    i’ve done that (Thx btw) but i can access my e-mail and it pileing up please help! (P.s i’ve already scaned and stuff)

  50. Jacob says:

    ive done it but can’t access my e-mail!

  51. vaseasol says:

    thanks.was helpful

  52. Chunithan says:

    what happens if you didn’t finish downloading it? caues mine still shows problems like not being able to open windows media player and click links

  53. HeylonNHP says:

    One of my friends had it. I clicked it to see what the virus would do. It saddly was a small annoying msn virus.
    But when you get it, the quickest and simplest way to remove it is do a system restore right away. Otherwise download Malwarebytes update it and run a full scan. Clean up all infections found.
    Me, I did a system restore. Its very effective, and faster than scaning your hole computer when using a netbook like me.

  54. Aiida says:

    Shum Nice veq Tepara …… <3 <3 <3

  55. shaban says:

    shum keqq ahuhuhuahuauauahah

  56. valdrini says:

    hey all of you are in danger because its a virus a bad virus
    you can protect if you have a AVG antivirus or AVAST antivirus
    or you have to formate your pc,loacl disk C or both C and D
    OR try to restore your pc at system restore
    you can find it here :
    START> All programs> Accessories> System Tools and in end its “SYSTEM RESTORE”
    You can restore your pc there
    i think i help you because that albanian are not interesting to talk for the teme

  57. Edwad99 says:

    hi i clicked on the link accidentally opps*
    what can i do to remove the virus??? the email proxy symantec keep popping out

  58. DJ-AYOUB says:

    ilouve you khadija mais …. ces la princesse de moi !

  59. thatguy says:

    Thank you sinatra11

  60. Lambo says:

    the file is a mdm.exe file

  61. Kakuji says:

    Hello, I have the same f*****g problem, I clicked & downloaded the malware program on Y!M and a friend told me I keep sending him a virused link. Hope the anti-malware thingy that sinatra suggested will be effective.