Folders changed to Application .exe



Hi, I was infected with a virus and I noticed that all folders were changed into Application and .exe. How can I remove folder .exe virus and get back my folders from .exe application to usual directory?


From the Admin:

If the virus has changed your folders to .exe files, it only implies that computer is infected with a computer worm known as W32.SillyFDC. It utilizes Autorun function of Windows so that it loads each time a removable drive is inserted. From this on, the worm will make a duplicate copy of all folder names but will assign it with .exe extension. The worm then hides the original folder by changing its attribute. In short, what you will see after the infection are all executable file. Authors made it to look like a folder to deceive users and let them execute each folder (actually a worm file).

To be able to remove the worm, you need to scan the computer with effective anti-virus software. The process may delete the threat; however, this virus scan will not bring back your folder to its default state. It may remain hidden. You need to reset the folder attribute to make it visible to the system once again. The discussion below will give you some hint on how to change the settings of hidden folders. Please use the procedure with full caution.

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