Folder Name Changed to HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt



Hi, I am in big trouble and I need help. After downloading a torrent file, this warning about encrypted files on my computer appears. I also noticed that all folders on my PC now have the name of “HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt.” Probably, the file that I downloaded has a virus in it. However, why does my anti-virus did not alarm me for this? Now that I am infected and my computer is ruined, what else can I do if my anti-virus is not working against this “HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt” folder or directory infection?

I cannot do anything. I even cannot rename the folders to its pervious label. When I try, the warning comes out again saying that files and folders are encrypted and it remains in “HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt”. I also noticed that all files are now having similar icons. Although, when I open them, it seems that they are still working. Please help me.

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